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World class dog training centre catering to a nationwide, international and intercontinental audience who come far and wide for originally conceived and highly effective dog training methods. Kelford’s dog experts teach you to get the very best from your canine companion.

Past clientele includes celebrities, nobility and other high-profile individuals.

Kelford assure its visitors that discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed, making your stay in the area as carefree and focused as possible.
This is the ideal location for a luxurious dog training holiday in a peaceful, breath-taking environment among the Clwydian hills of North Wales, UK.
This exclusive family business was established in 1978, offering dedicated, highly professional and experienced services specialising in human/canine interaction and relationship development.
Training is available with and without the owner present dependent on the specific training required. However, human attendance is critical when further building a healthy dog – human bond.
rebalancing dog training is also available, it’s an ideal way of correcting behavioural issues such as failure to recall, separation anxiety, getting over exited, aggression towards other dogs, growling, etc.

the Experts at Kelford can pinpoint the source of this imbalance, an allow for the opportunity of having a bespoke service which is ideal for your exacting issues.
This is perfect for people who struggle with training courses elsewhere, and alike those who are working with working dogs like gundogs who have a habit of losing control in the field, giving voice and not following commands.

Existing clients have the option of making use of the residential pet care, they are the ideal location to leave a dog with while travelling abroad whether for a trip or work commitments. While Kelford are no mean a commercial boarding facility, they are incredibly happy to work with cherished friends from over the years.

Kelford are there to help through the entire dog experience, from the selection process, in which kelford will assess your needs and what kind of dog is perfect for you, all the way to training and continued care throughout later life.Kelford are going to help your dog be all that it can be.

Kelford Dog Training Centre are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

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